Delta Faucet 52655 Water-Efficient Showerhead Review

ctaYou shouldn’t have to sacrifice on strong water-pressure or design when shopping for an eco-friendly shower head.

Delta proves this as I will describe in this Delta Faucet 52655 review.

Other “water-efficient” shower heads might provide low water pressure that make it difficult to rinse away shampoo and soap.

But not this one!

I have found that the 52655 provides a powerful shower experience while also saving you money on your monthly water bill.

This Shower Head is Unlike Any Other You Have Used Before

Many competitor’s water-efficient heads are constructed to over-pressurize many tiny jet-streams.

This construction tends to create a painful, piercing shower experience.

Not only that, but the narrow water streams also quickly lose heat.

The result is the colder and less-than-enjoyable shower experience most “efficient” shower heads deliver.

The 52655 is different because it utilizes Delta’s patented H2Okinetic technology to provide you with the most powerful and comfortable shower experience available today in a water-efficient shower head.

By mixing air into the interior of a much wider water stream the design saves water and adds to the powerful feel of the water.

And because the air is injected into the interior of the water stream it also keeps the water warmer longer.

As someone who enjoys a very hot shower, this is important.

The H20kinetic technology used in this design solves nearly every complaint you might have with an eco-friendly shower head, providing wide powerful streams of water that stay hot longer.

The shower feels so warm and strong, you might not even know you were doing something good for the environment!

A potential drawback for some users will be the shower head’s lack of other spray modes.

While many other shower heads provide a pulsating or massage mode, it is my thought that the precision of the H2Okinetic technology used in the 52655 makes it difficult to provide different spray options.

Still, despite the fact it cannot be adjusted by the user, this shower head still delivers one of the best showers I have had with an eco-friendly shower head.

Recognized by the EPA and the State of California for Efficiency

Delta’s innovative design has been recognized for its conservation again and again by the industry.

This shower head boasts the seal of approval for meeting the rigid standards of both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Department of Housing.

And it did that by qualifying for both the EPA’s Water Sense program and meeting all CALgreen’s lofty conservation standards.

Those familiar with the industry know what an accomplishment these achievements are.

What it means for you, however, is you can be confident that the 52655 is one of the most efficient and eco-friendly shower heads on the market.

And that you are doing your part for the environment by using it in your home.


By utilizing their innovative H20kinetic technology, Delta has revolutionized the eco-friendly shower head.

The science behind this shower head provides an amazing shower experience, all while saving you water and money.

Speaking of saving money, the 52655 is also affordably priced, making it a great option for homeowners and landlords alike.

As with many things, feeling is believing, and for this reason, I highly encourage you to purchase Delta’s 52655 and see what an eco-friendly shower should feel like!