Delta Faucet 58467 4-Setting Two-in-One Chrome Handshower Review

ctaIf you are looking for a perfect pressure- shower head which can promote water conservation at the same time, this is surely your type.

In this Delta faucet 58467 review, all the unique features making this product a must-have in your bathroom has been exhaustively explored with an effort to give all you can expect while enjoying the service from this marvelous product.

This product has an ageless design you can’t afford to miss in your home.

Unique features

The two-in-one type of shower head has four unique settings and poses an integrated hand and head shower.

This kind of design allows you to have a fresh water supply in any style from an angle you feel like.

Enjoy the fresh shower that has you covered from your very top position to the bottom toes.

Having this model is more of a purchase for the normal shower needs; it preserves the timeless, lifestyle standards that can suit naturally any set of interior design.

Quite Economical

The Delta faucet 58467 shower head brand maximizes the pause feature technology with the aim of conserving water.

This innovative pause function works by reducing the amount and speed at which the water trickles out of the nozzles.

The pause kind of setting is adjustable and is perfect for use when doing tasks like shaving the legs or lathering up.

Unlike other shower heads that continuously spray a large amount of water unless adjusted, this one will maintain a customized rate of flow for a long time.

And it allows you to complete your desired task using an economical amount of water, as least as possible.

The four-setting hand shower functions includes a fast and thorough massage, pause, a full spray rate with massage and a maximized fully body spray.

Here you can comfortably vary the spray rate to fit your preference.

Fast massage is ideal for that hot afternoon while the full body spray is vital when in need of a faster service.

No need of adjusting frequently the flow rate, you only need to fix one of the 4- settings and enjoy the exceptional experience.

Long and Flexible Hose

The 60″ -82″ long and stretchable hose is flexible enough to rotate to any angle and can shift to the maximum degree of frequency for an effective use.

You can work with minimum squatting and less stretching to get in touch with the hose supplying water, it makes bathing faster and more efficient.

Delta backs its entire products with a great warranty so you are assured and insured at the same time to buy the Delta faucet 58467 models with all the confidence.

Although this product comes in handy with all the necessary parts every shower head needs for complete functioning, the flange, and the shower arms are sold separately.

This is so because the latter comes in different models and designs which give the users the sole opportunity to explore the available varieties then pick the best to compliment their taste and preferences.


Owning this type of shower head is more of an achievement; it is a basic requirement that has been designed to back up all your prior insecurities inside that bathroom of yours.

From water conservation to unfading and amazing services, your bathroom really needs this brand.