Delta Faucet 75198 H2Okinetic Showerhead Review

ctaThis is one of the best products from the renowned Delta Faucet Company.

The H2Okinetic shower head comes in a well-furnished chrome finish and is one of the best bathroom companions you can have.

Their spectacular faucet design keeps that customer’s satisfaction; they have the inner assurance and are ever expecting the best of products from the prominent brand.

A sincere delta faucet 75198 review is all you can have to fully appreciate this universal round showerhead.

Main features

This particular type of showerhead is one of the few products that qualify to the new set of Water Sense program that was developed by the EPA mainly for hand showers and shower heads.

With a flow rate of 2.0 GPM, you are safe having it in your shower room.

It is quite economical and conserves water in all ways possible.

Unlike other shower heads, it can conveniently handle a spray density of up to 7.6 L/min which is just the ideal amount you need.

The internal design of the shower head is a great marvel, the nozzles have been integrated such that it can resist any form of excess and bulk water build-up.

Delta Faucet 75198 model has a fine spray face, a well-sculpted head with nozzles inclined at an angle and this maximizes every drop that falls onto your body, nothing goes to waste, at least none.

The universal showerhead can artfully fit any bathroom, the contemporary and the classic bathroom environment.


The kinetic technology supported by this show head is worth every cent.

The atomized sprays work on the water saving properties of the product and at the same time creating the right pressure for a perfect showerhead use.

This technology also creates a more luxurious and warmer shower experience that covers the body efficiently using less amount of water.

If conserving water is your first priority, this product fully suits your needs; it has been tested and fully certified after meeting the CAL Green standards.

This product can be defined best by its durable nature, fast services and the friendly user interface.

From an economical point of view, this showerhead comes first.

Installing the Delta Faucet 75198 showerhead takes the least time possible without any particular skills needed.

You can comfortably do this on your own and enjoy the lifetime superb experience.


A super heavy and high-intensity sprays are what you might fail to get from this product.

It works on the principle of conserving water to its best; a light spray covering a wide area is atomized from the tiny-faced nozzles with designated pressure.

The Faucet round model works best under all circumstances and it’s only to a certain threshold point where one might find the pressure not matching the demands.


A bathroom experience can gradually shift from a routine to a hobby, a timeless desire you satisfy every morning you wake up, every time you feel like having a refreshing cold or that afternoon shower.

Get this product today to experience what your body really desire, an ageless and stylish smooth flow of atomized water in your shower room.