Do Infrared Saunas Work For Weight Loss

Infrared saunas do actually help weight loss. In fact they are becoming very popular nowadays because they are known to help heat up the body with dry, warm heat at a lower temperature when compared to traditional saunas, which are associated with higher temperatures. In addition, infrared saunas are known to generate perspiration with a shorter period of time compared to traditional saunas.

How do infrared saunas help weight loss?

Apart from weight loss, infrared saunas are associated with many other health benefits. They work by making use of infrared energy, which has the ability to penetrate up to about 3 inches into your body, thus pushing out sweat effectively. Because the body is heated from the inside out, toxins which are under the skin are forced to come out.

Even though the temperatures inside the infrared saunas are much lower than those found inside traditional saunas, you will certainly perspire more because of the fact that infrared energy penetrates your body at a deeper level. Weight loss is achieved when fat becomes water soluble at 100 degree F and then begins to dissolve and move through your bloodstream, and is finally removed.

In addition, while you are relaxing in an infrared sauna, your body needs to work extra hard to cool itself because of the high temperatures inside the sauna. This causes your heart rate and metabolic rate to go up significantly, thus allowing your body to burn a lot of calories, leading to effective weight loss.


The fact of the matter is that most of the weight lost while sitting in an infrared sauna is water weight, which can be regained by re-hydrating with water. However, the calories which are during a particular session will not be regained back, and this is what leads to effective weight loss. Essentially, if you combine infrared sauna treatment with other weight loss methods, especially diet and weight loss, you are likely to get very good weight loss results. In addition, infrared sauna treatment is not associated with any side effects.