Do You Know These Brands That Sell High Quality Shower Head Filters?

Do You Know These Brands That Sell High Quality Shower Head Filters

This year there has been the release of some really cool shower head filers. These different filters that are in the market serve different purposes and as a customer you may choose which one you want.

One thing in common with most shower heads is that they can filter a large amount of chlorine that is in water. Shower water has a lot of contaminants we can think of and lack of filtering the water may lead to skin problems.

To filter shower water is quite an involving task this is because the water is being pumped under very high pressure and at times it is hot. In the past people used the carbon filters but with time it has proved that they are not efficient.

This is because the carbon filters are only good in filtering chlorine and not other volatile compounds present in the water. Most of the shower head filters manufacturers rely on metallic mediums to do the filtering which are called KDF.

The KDF filters filter very little chlorine and the rest is absorbed with the body.Read on to know which are the best high quality shower head filters available.

Vitamin C shower filter

This shower head filter is very effective in filtering chlorine out of shower water. This shower head filter is also effective in filtering off Chloramine.

Chloramine is a combination of Chlorine and Ammonia which are being used in disinfection of water. The body absorbs everything that is in the shower water when bathing.

In the shower water there may also be presence of heavy metals which are quite toxic to humans.

A Vitamin C shower head filter has a solid block of Vitamin C, which neutralizes the chlorine that is in the water.

About 99% of the chlorine that is present in the water isneutralized. The effectiveness of this filter relies on the block of Vitamin C.

A single block of the Vitamin C takes about 2-4 months for it to be exhausted.

Sprite HOB-CM shower head filter

This shower head filter is suitable for removing free chlorine and sediments that are in your shower water.

This filter is NSF approved and the shower head filter is of Brass material which makes it stand out from other shower head filters.

The Brass material makes the shower head filter to heavy and this guarantees the durability of the shower filter.

The precision in the threads help in preventing water from leaking when taking a shower. This shower head also filters Iron oxide and Hydrogen Sulfide.

The filter comes with a warrant of one year and it is rated that it can filter 20,000 gallons of water. The durability of the shower filter is one year or more. Within the one year you should flip it halfway and incase during flipping the O ring breaks do no worry since it will be replaced by the manufacturers.  This filter guarantees you safety when bathing.