Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes When Installing Shower Heads for Kids

The standard shower heads are of the “one-size-fits-all” type and your kids might find it difficult to use them. Thinking about the cleanliness and hygiene of your little one, some special shower heads for them are available in the market. Many of them come with the face of their favorite cartoon characters to make shower bath an interesting affair for them. After all, who doesn’t want their kids to develop a sense of hygiene naturally?

However, simply buying it is not enough; you need to install it properly. Installation of shower heads is easy nowadays. Just buy the tools, follow the DIY steps…and you are done. But, there are three mistakes which you should avoid when installing a shower head for kids:

Connection of the Hose

Traditional shower heads have their hose hanging permanently. But in case of kid’s shower heads there is a suction which is attached to the wall. So, while installing kid’s shower heads you must be careful so that the hose properly suctions to the wall. It may be that the tiles on the walls of your washroom are not shiny enough to keep the hose attached to them with the help of suction.  So, you need to clean the tiles and wipe them gently so that they become suitable to have the hose attached.

Installing it at the wrong height

Another mistake which people normally make while installing kids’ shower heads is installing it at the wrong height. A kid’s shower head should be installed at a height which is convenient for the kid who will actually use it. In fact, the concept of kid’s shower head lies in the fact that it is a shower head meant for kids to easily access it. Kids cannot use the regular shower heads which are used by the other members of the family. Making a mistake in installing it at a proper height is therefore not done at all.

Fitting it with the existing set-up

Kids’ shower heads are designed in such a way that they can be fitted to the existing shower heads of your washroom used by the elders. Some of them are meant to be attached to the fixed shower heads and the others are meant for attaching to the hand-held shower heads. So, while installing them you should be careful that you are attaching them in the right place in the right way. Also, be careful that the shower head is attached in such a way that the pressure of water coming from it is suitable for your kids. Kids normally prefer a soothing and massaging feeling instead of a forceful torrent of water.

Installing a kids’ shower head is much easier than installing the other shower heads. However, you should be careful enough so that you don’t make these kinds of mistakes. Make the connection of the hose in the proper way, measure the height and fit it properly with the existing shower-heads to make the shower-heads ready to be used by your kids.