Dream Spa Razor 3814 Oval Rainfall Showerhead Review

ctaA dream spa razor 3814 showerhead comes in an oval shape; it is efficient with a satisfying performance.

The unique yet simple design gives it an inspirational taste of quality.

With a ten inch showerhead, you are surely going to like this product and make it a complete necessity in your household.

This Dream spa razor 3814 review of mine will thoroughly highlight the several outstanding features and the general performance of this showerhead for you.

Main Features

Every showerhead has its unique features that make its brand outstanding in the competitive market.

With a goal to provide the best services, the dream spa razor model delivers a consistent spray under any given water pressure.

This makes it ideal since it can optimize the low-flow water into a satisfactory high-pressure spray.

The internal design of nozzles eliminates any possibility of mineral and scales build-up that can affect the showerhead in the long run.

The multi-pattern showerhead with an impressive steady flow rate is ideal for rinsing and drenching alongside its common use due to the comfortable setting.

This will maximize ninety percent of the water that could flow to waste without being utilized.

The perfect pressure-balancing valve installed to deliver water to the shower heads is enough to give the best experience using this type of showerhead.

With this particular type of showerhead, you can adjust to fit any angle of your choice.

This will give you the total freedom to work from any position and enjoy the maximum performance.

A set of master nozzles has been designed purposely for easy routine cleaning and inspection.

The well-polished surface finish gives this product its distinct appearance ideal for you home interior design.

Benefits You Will Surely Enjoy

Dream spa razor ‘3814’ showerhead is worth its value and is the best you can purchase for an outstanding bathroom experience.

An incorporated high-intensity flow technology provides an additional insight into the vital specification, build quality and satisfactory in terms of service provision and not much on the outer appearance.

With the obvious need of conserving the little amount of water we have, this product has got a solution for you.

Water usage should be given a priority when purchasing a showerhead, both for economic and environmental reasons.

An ideal flow rate should be ranging from 2 to 2.5 gallons of water per minute and this is all that the Dream spa razor showerhead has to offer.

The ease of installation makes this product one of the best user-friendly showerheads in the market.

It is about unscrewing the old showerhead and screwing the new one.

This should be done keenly and to avoid any form of leakage; wrap a small piece thread then accompany it with a piece of Teflon tape for a sturdier installation.

The large wing nut may fail to tighten under some rare and unusual circumstances.

But for the sake of safety and satisfactory services don’t be in violence with the wing nut when rotating either in the clockwise or in the anti-clockwise direction.

Be easy with it and make a gentle rotation a routine.


A quality product will always serve your needs to your very expectation and change your desires to lifetime accomplishments.

And this Dream spa razor 3814 showerhead is an equivalent of a satisfactory and excellent service provider.

Enjoy a privilege of its kind by having this product serve your bathroom needs.