DreamSpa 7505 Luxury 5-settings Chrome Hand Shower Head Review

cta2 shower heads down for me recently.

The first brand fell victim to a weak connecting joint.

The second was an under-performer of note, unfortunately from a well known / respected brand.

And I finally came across this beauty.

The Dream Spa 7505 has a nice finish with a flexible chrome hose – a pretty model that suits any bathroom setting and gives it a facelift.

Adjustable Setting / Bracket

The extra bracket is extremely handy, especially for us ladies and children.

I combine my weekly grooming on Sundays, facial + shaving my legs.

And the fact that I can comfortably manage to shave my legs without getting water on my face (yes, the mask has been applied and is now in the process of drying so water is a no-no) thrills me.

My nieces also love being little grown ups with the low bracket feature after a dip in the pool.

5, yes 5 different pressure settings.

I’m usually dead at the end of a long day and nothing beats a warm shower with the right pressure setting.

It’s like having a personal masseuse at your beck and call!

Flow / Pressure

The shower head has around a 2.5 gallon per minute water-saving feature, great for the environment and my pocket.

For those of you that want a blasting shower, the consultant mentioned the regulator can be removed and the flow is around 3.5 gallon per minute.

Easy Installation

Easy as 1,2,3!

Basically unpack, remove old shower head and hand-tighten everything.

Even for a DIY newbie like me, this was super easy to install.

And the best thing is, I saved on a callout appointment with the local plumber.

Great Warranty

I instantly feel at ease knowing my shower head has a really great warranty on it.

It’s like a security blanket of sorts in this day and age when things are not meant to last.

I had recommended this model to a relative, about 15 months later the shower head developed a leak at the base, they contacted customer support and within a few minutes had secured a replacement.

I’ve dealt with customer care, both online and in person, for years and most of the time you’re driven insane by the lack of quality care.

I’m impressed by a company that stands by their promise.

Since this is an easy-to-install model with no tools needed, be careful when applying pressure.

Instructions are included with packaging regarding removing the regulator if you want to but don’t mess around with it.

Install the shower head as instructed (no maverick tricks!) and if uncertain, contact them before proceeding.


I did a bit of reading before changing my shower head into this, I like knowing what I’m going to get and it seemed the right choice for me.

Since I had 2 unsatisfactory (and unfortunate) experiences with other brands I was crossing fingers I would get lucky this time round.

It’s extremely efficient and cost-effective when you consider how versatile this model is. 10 stars from me.

Try it out for yourself – you can not go wrong!