H2OVibe Rain Shower Head Review


Do you want to upgrade the enjoyment in your bathroom?

If your answer is yes, then I have a very simple solution for you.

It’s all about this H2oVibe rain shower head jet.

This shower head is an innovation in itself thanks to its unique wireless bluetooth speaker.

And in this short review, I will show you how you can spend a much more relaxing time while you take a shower!

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See Why High Class Hotels & Spas HATE This Shower Head

You go to best of the hotels or spas.

You would listen to nice music being played near the pool or in therapy room respectively.

That is to soothe your senses.

Why pay heavy bills to get that feel?

Especially when you can enjoy an ultra-wide & powerful drenching rain shower while listening to your favorite tunes?

This shower head has 3 times more spray power than a standard shower head.

The polished chrome finishing won’t let you compromise on your washroom’s look.

It comes out to be a very high end product but it remains easy to be installed.

So no worries!

Just feel the rain and sing along.

But it doesn’t stop there because…

You’re Gonna Love This Unique Feature of This Device

This is a shower first.

And then it’s also a speaker.

But still there is no compromise done on the sound part of it.

It has enhanced noise reduction and a dual microphone also.

When needed, you can also call your loved one even when you are showering inside.

It has push to speak button to answer calls.

Getting late for a meeting?

No worries.

Attend that office call while taking your shower before the situation goes out of your hand.

The sound is super crisp and clean.

And it connects wirelessly up to 33 feet away with easy & fast installation.

So, let’s take a look at…

Other Product’s Notable Features

  • A rain shower clubbed with your favorite music. Sounds great!
  • Get that expensive spa-like experience at the comfort of your home.
  • Enhanced noise reduction, crisp clean sound, dual microphone and push to speak button to answer calls would make you stay connected with your loved ones all the time.
  • Connects wirelessly up to 33 feet away.
  • Quick & easy installation.
  • 3 times more spray power than a standard shower head.

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Now, if you’re wondering what other customers have to say, then read these…

Highlighted Customer Reviews

People are happy with this shower head.

The shower itself is very powerful, and the speaker is very clean and fun to listen to.

They loved the comfort of listening to their own playlists available on their various devices.

Even when they’re enjoying showering in the morning.

Be it the costliest singer of the industry, it doesn’t matter!

Overall the customers loved it.

The betterment that they expect now is a shower arm along with it.

Well, the love is such that you just want it to please you more and more.

That’s why my advice to you today is…

De-stress now!

This H2OVibe rain shower head will remove all the tensions the moment you go under the shower.

I can guarantee that!

That’s the magic of music and in any case, you take bath to release stress from your body.

Here you are getting best of both the worlds.

And with this small one-time investment can make you save a lot of spa and medical bills.

So I will say again.

De-stress now!