HotelSpa 36-Setting Ultra Luxury 3 Way Shower Head Review

ctaThe dream spa 36-setting showerhead is a three multi-shower product that allows the use of 2 shower heads separately or both the handheld shower.

And with a showerhead for a choice of 36 complete and combined water spray patterns, this definitely is a great device to have in your bathroom.

This showerhead from the top brand manufacturer is a full package customized to offer the best bathroom experience.

Here is a complete dreamspa 36 setting review that highlights all you need to know about this seven-setting showerhead.

Basic features

With an angle-adjustable, smooth overhead bracket, you can comfortably vary the inclination of the overhead and nozzles to optimize the fine spray on your body.

A super flexible steel hose stretches 5 feet with conical hose nuts.

This allows for a proper hand tightening and a complete shower experience from the three-way water diverter fixed with an anti- swivel nut.

A complete 7 setting mechanism enhances a diversified way of maximizing the fine spray from the nozzles and promotes water conservation.

The seven settings include; Pulsating Massage- for a smooth flow, Power Rain- for a high-intensity flow, Hydro-Mist, Rain/Massage, Rain/Mist and a Pause setting that ensures maximization of the finest drops with an aim to conserve as much water as possible.

Rub-clean jets and three-zone Lever dial ensure efficient water flow from nozzles down the head.


The ease of installation, (tool-free installation) is an added advantage and makes this showerhead so friendly; you can efficiently connect to a standard overhead shower arm within minutes.

This particular type of product gives up to a maximum of seven settings which is quite rare with many models and here, this showerhead wins big!

You can customize the flow rate and water intensity to fit any working condition and you are set to enjoy the cool feeling.

Quality is always a priority in all the Interlink Products and has always been consistent in offering the best customer-oriented serviced products that last a lifetime.

This brand has been on the market long enough and never to disappoint the users who expect the best from the big company.

Guaranteed satisfaction is what defines the dream spa 36-setting showerhead and the other products from the same manufacturer.

Your fears in purchasing a product, not to your taste have been fully covered up by a very good warranty policy.

This is enough to fully explore the working properties of this genuine product.

Be keen enough to purchase the real product from authorized distributors to avoid your warranty from being null and void.

Although water conservation has been taken care of, by the seven different settings, it is important to adjust the flow rate and intensity to fully maximize every single spray into use to avoid any form of water wastage.

Make sure you learn how to adjust from one setting to another to avoid inconveniences which may be uneconomical for long-term use.


Your bathroom is never complete without this gorgeous product.

Feel the diversified working techniques and various settings of the dream spa Ultra-Luxury showerhead.

Owning this product is more of a basic entity; it’s a unique, lifestyle showerhead you can’t afford to miss in your bathroom.

If you don’t own it, make an effort and purchase it today.