HotelSpa AquaCare 7-Setting Shower Head Review

Are you searching for a high quality shower head?

The one that can bring you the luxurious feeling of high-end spas and bathrooms?

If that’s the case, then take a look at this HotelSpa AquaCare 7-setting spiral hand shower head.

It is the ONLY thing you should know about today!

“HotelSpa”- The name itself has clubbed two amazing places where you can expect best of the treatment.

And in this short review, I will show you everything you need to know about this amazing product.

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The Feature That Amazes Everyone Who Looked at it

This high-power hand shower comes with 7 full showering settings.

Those includes Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydrating Mist, Rain/Massage, Rain/Mist and Water-saving Economy Rain and Pause Modes.

Sound so relaxing, don’t they?

And I have already seen some options only available on a hotel’s spa list!

So you definitely need to try them out.

And with a 4″ chrome face, this shower head ensures the water is strong enough to soothe your senses.

Also, its 5′ super flexible stainless steel hose allows to move around your bathroom with ease.

Finally, a 3-zone precision SpiralFlo click lever dial helps you control everything.

But the fun doesn’t end here.

Now, let’s see…

How This Shower Head Beats Almost Every Other Products in Terms of Innovation


This shower head comes with an exclusively patented on/off pause switch.

And believe me, that on/off pause switch will help you enjoy a much more relaxing shower easily.


With extra long hose and angle-adjustable overhead bracket, this device makes it work for you the way you want.

It’s very flexible.

And since it’s made of stainless steel, you can forget about rusting!

The lever dial makes you control the experience that you are getting.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Here is a run-down on the product’s…

List of Amazing Features

  • 7 Full Settings include: Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydrating Mist, Rain/Massage, Rain/Mist and Water-saving Economy Rain and Pause Modes.
  • Wide 4″ Chrome Face.
  • 3-zone Precision SpiralFlo Click Lever Dial.
  • Rub-clean Jets.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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Still unsure about whether you should pick this up?

Then how about reading the following…

Customer Reviews

Well, feedback speaks more than the product itself.

Those who ordered this expected the quality to be poor as it was so inexpensive.

But to their surprise they were happy with the performance!

The water saver button feature is warmly welcomed by customers, as the temperature stays the same when you want to pause the water.

Although some parents reported that their kids found it bit uneasy to use the pause button.

But the makers couldn’t make something too light for a product like this.

Another hit among the customers is that this is super easy to install.

So, my advice to you today is…

Buy This One Today Before It’s Running Out of Stock

And with a crazy deal like this, I think you SHOULD NOT miss out on this HotelSpa shower head!

Forget those bulky fixed showers. Let your hands do the talking.

The name itself sums it up -“Aquacare”.

The touch, pressure and calmness that a spa promises you, you can find it here with this amazing device.