HotelSpa Emerald 8 Adjustable Extension Arm Shower Head Review

ctaPremium Chrome, the top-notch Brand Manufacturer has yet another luxurious showerhead trending in the market.

The 8-inch high-fashion model comes in a complete package with 120 systemically aligned jets and a 12-inch high adjustable extension arm.

This Hotelspa emerald 8 review gives a classic overview and closer insight of this up-scale bathroom companion where you will get to know if the product is good enough for you or not.

Basic Features

The wall-mounted circular showerhead is one among the few products that has a complete set of combined specification geared towards providing the best user’s experience.

A spectacular rainfall shower is formed by an extra-large chrome surface suspending 120 jets on the radial axis aligned systematically.

A product that can be customized to fit any kind of conditional set-up is all a customer with varying taste and preference needs.

With this Hotel spa Emerald showerhead, all your needs are well-taken care of.

A two-foot vertical range allows for free and easy movement.

An adjustable arm will enable you to fix the shower head so that it is inclined to angle for optimum spray.

The height too can be adjusted to suit the user; for a closer or further distance spray experience.

The smooth chrome finish ends with brass inserts at the joints which allow for adjustments.

These joints are strong and durable enough to last a lifetime and have nuts that can be tightened with ease.

A powerful drenching downpour is all you are set to enjoy from this magnificent shower head.


Purchasing a showerhead is a process, and it is not complete until you have it running.

Installing other showerheads may require attention from a plumber or a self-proclaimed “engineer” but not for this type!

The tool-free installation nature of the Hotel spa Emerald showerhead will only take some few minutes to be ready.

A good warranty exist upon purchase, this gives you a sense of confidence while using the product.

The quality of service delivered is vital and whether the item is secured enough to offer any service should be given a priority.

The customer care services are also ready to offer the best they can in the case of any malfunction.

To avoid any damage to the shower head especially when installing and adjusting the arm, be keen enough to have a touch of care.

Do not over tighten it because the adjustable arm might not hold up the head in the long run.

The Premium Chrome has always been up to date in delivering the best its customers can expect, the flexible technology exhibited by this product is a perfect match in every bathroom setting.


Taste and preference can influence the choice of product to a certain level.

What is more important is the full package a product has to offer in the course of service.

That is why choosing the right product for you depends on many factors and a need for rightful prioritization comes in.

If you don’t have one in your shower room or the one present seems to be running out of time, always consider this product in your priorities since it is worth being in your household.