How Do Fogless Shower Mirrors Work

There are different kinds of fog mirrors, and each of them works differently. Here are just some of those mirrors and how they work. Continue reading to find out more about these fabulous mirrors.

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Fixed water-heated mirrors

The fixed water mirrors direct a hot water from the shower head all the way to the back of the mirror. The hot water coming from the shower matches the temperature of the surrounding area. Therefore, it prevents the glass from experiencing condensation. As such, you can rest easy since your mirror will stay clear throughout. If you want to have a permanent solution for your bathroom mirror, then you should consider buying the fixed water heated mirror.

Portable-water heated mirrors

The portable water heated mirrors work similar to the fixed water heater. The only difference is that does not have a permanent connection. The portable heater has a hidden reservoir to help in controlling the temperature. The good thing about the portable mirror is that it has LED light that helps you improve your grooming. Furthermore, you can easily move them to any area that you want.

Pretreated mirrors

The pretreated mirror is the popular choice of fogless mirrors. These mirrors are coated with a chemical mixture that will cover the mirror surface prevent it from having a fog. You have to exercise a lot of care when using the pretreated mirror. You need to reapply a new film after using shampoos, natural oils for a long time. The pretreated mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

It is now clear to you how the fogless mirrors work and the different types available. Fogless mirrors will make it easy for you to do your grooming in the shower. Now, you can groom without fear of trying hard to use the mirror in your bathroom.