How Do Walk-in Bathtubs Work?

Walk in bathtubs are specifically designed for elderly people, or people with a long-term or permanent injury which makes them unable to lift their legs up to a certain height of the conventional bathtubs.

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To eliminate the risk posed to these people with disability, walk in bathtubs provide a source of great comfort and reliability.

Basic fundamental of walk in bathtubs

The walk in bathtubs are simply equipped with a door to walk through. This door lets the people walk into the bath without having to lift their legs up a threshold. The basic steps to using a walk in bathtub are:

– Open the door of the bathtub. Walk through the door to get into the bathtub.

– Close or seal the door of the tub from inside.

– Turn on the water taps and let the bathtub get filled.

– Enjoy your bath.

– Turn on the drain mechanism so that all the water in the tub drains out.

– Open the door of the tub and come out.

There is a variety of walk in bathtubs available according to the available space and working requirement of the people.

– Full-length bath tubs – These bathtubs have full lengths just like the conventional bathtubs with a side door to walk in. You can lie down in these bathtubs and enjoy your bath.

– Sit up bath – sit up baths have a platform built in the bathtub where you can sit comfortably and take your bath. Sit up bath serves two main purposes. If the available space is less, than sit up bath can be a useful option as the sit up bathtub acquires less space and has a more vertical height. The other major advantage of sit up bath is for the people who can’t lie down in a bath due to severe pain or injury in the joints of legs.

– Inward or outward opening bath – The choice of inward and outward opening totally depends upon the space and alignment of your bathroom. Inward opening bath has its door flap opening inward. This bathtub requires less outward space in comparison to outward opening bath that requires extra space for the door flap to open outward. The major disadvantage of an inward opening bathtub is that in the case of emergency, the door cannot be opened without draining off the water due to the water pressure inside the bathtub.

Main benefit of using walk in bathtubs

Walk in bathtubs are the complete solution for the weak, aged and the disabled to get a comfortable bath.

Cons of walk in bathtubs

The major disadvantage is that you have to wait inside the bathtub until the water in the bathtub gets filled or drained off after the bath is complete. Else the water will spill out of the bathtub on the floors of the bathroom.