How Does a Bluetooth Shower Speaker Work?

There are different types of speakers on the market. One of the common types is Bluetooth shower speakers have become very common in the modern world. Before buying these speakers, it is wise to conduct proper research about them so that you can make an informed decision at the end of the day.

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Whether you would like to create a perfect surround sound theater in your house or an outdoor sound system, Bluetooth speakers are the best for the same. Although these speakers come with a few drawbacks, they cannot outweigh the advantages. Here is a simple guide on how Bluetooth speakers work.

Before we embark on the discussion about how these speakers work, it is good to know something about sound. Sound is one of the ways we determine the presence of vibration. Any object on the surface of the earth normally vibrates. It pushes as well as pulls the surrounding air molecules from time to time. This, in turn, affects the air in the nearby areas. When this becomes a chain reaction, sound is produced.

Bluetooth speaker comes with different parts. The part that vibrates inside the speaker is known as the diaphragm or cone. The surface is flexible such that it can be pushed inside as well as outside. The diaphragm tends to create the changes taking place in the atmospheric pressure that you will, in turn, perceive as sound.

The speaker also features a voice coil that helps in attaching to the center of the core. The permanent magnet included in the speaker keeps the units magnetic field without using electricity. The magnet is located behind the voice coil of the speaker on the other side. This implies that a Bluetooth speaker applies two different magnets. This enables the unit to push back and forth thus producing sound in the long run.