How Infrared Saunas Work

An infrared sauna is basically a small room that’s heated up and steamed to a bearable temperature. People visit these saunas either for pleasure or medical reasons and are preferred because of their affordability and accessibility. We shall shed some light on how exactly they work so you won’t be clueless the next time you visit a sauna.

How infrared saunas work.The infrared sauna uses a special heater commonly known as an infrared radiant heater. As its name suggests, this device is used in the heating up of the room so as to promote sweating which is part of the therapy.

Experts say that the heat emitted at the sauna is also given off by our own bodies. How, you ask? It basically comes from the food you eat only that the one produced at the infrared sauna is more intense.

The walls at the sauna are comprised of these heaters but are covered with a protective material that will insulate the heat so you won’t burn yourself accidentally.

Why go for the infrared heat at the sauna? This heat is intended to make your skin hot enough to open up the pores for proper ventilation. When it gets too hot, your body automatically begins to cool offer so as to regulate the temperature and bring it back to the normal range.

Anyone who has not been to a sauna before would expect that the air inside is unbearably hot but that is not the case. On the contrary, it is slightly cooler because you absorb the moving currents of heat that seem to be making their rounds inside the sauna room. The heat penetrates your skin then you begin to perspire.

Compared to a traditional sauna, the infrared sauna is much more advanced due to the adjustments that have been made on it such as, fitting the walls with special kinds of heaters to intensify the heating process.