How Long Do Shower Speakers Take To Charge Fully

Shower speakers can take either a long time to charge or a short time to charge depending on the size of the battery and the type of battery. A larger battery is going to take longer than a smaller one, depending on the type. A good average for a mid-size battery is about 3-5 hours, again depending on the type of battery and the model of the shower speaker. Generally, lithium batteries charge faster than their non-lithium companions.

If you are concerned that your battery isn’t charging, keep an eye on the indicator light to know when it is charging and when it isn’t. The indicator light should come on when it is charging and turn off when it is fully charged. Or it may stay on and change color, such as going from red to green or blue.

If your shower speaker doesn’t have an indicator light, let it charge for about 5 hours and see how long it lasts – your manual will tell you how long it should last. Then you will be able to figure out how long you need to charge the battery before it is fully charged. This is not foolproof but should give you a general idea.

To charge your speaker, connect it to your computer using a Micro USB cable. Generally, this cable comes with the product itself, but if yours doesn’t you’ll need one. Generally, your computer must be running to charge things like shower speakers, which means not in hibernation or sleep mode. You can turn off the display, however, if you find it bothersome.

Read your manual to find out how long your shower speakers should take to charge, as many have times listed, though not all of them do. You can also find your manual online with many popular brands. The manual is your best bet for finding the correct charge time on your shower speakers, as well as any special charging instructions – such as charging for 24 hours before use – that your shower speakers may have.