How Much Do Shower Panels Cost on Average

Shower panels price depends on the type of shower panel you are looking for.

However, people can buy shower panels for anywhere between $865 and $1,220 US Dollars.

Several different types of shower panels are available on the market. Most common materials used for shower panels are plastic, acrylic, glass or metal.

Although, keep in mind that waterproof plastic and acrylic shower panels cost less, rather than glass or metal ones. Also, another helpful thought is that they are easier to install because of their lightweight.

The other reasons why the shower panels may vary in the price are their features, size, and style. Shower panels have different styles and quality levels. And it is the main reason why prices can vary.

That is why value-grade panels cost $1,075 up to $1,525, while top-quality and superior-grade shower panels could cost you from $1,310 up to $1,860.

However, if you are on a tight budget you should look out for discounts, or go with closeout-quality panels which could cost you anywhere from $740 up to $1,045 US Dollars.

But if you are not on a tight budget, you should do a proper research and decide for a model that will suit you and your lifestyle, but also the one which will suit your bathroom style.

Some shower panels might be more expensive than the others, but most likely they have more and better features.

For example, some of the shower panels might have water-saving feature which could help you spend less water than before. Yes, you will pay that kind of shower panel more, but you will do yourself a good thing which will benefit you in the long run.

And they will not just help you with comfort, or help you save water, but they will also make your bathroom look nicely decorated.