How Much Do Walk-in Bathtubs Cost

The cost of walk-in bathtubs varies depending on the styles, brand, material quality and of course other features; outlined below are 4 factors that directly affect the cost of Walk-in bathtubs:

Style: There are different styles, shapes, and sizes of walk-in bathtubs, some have a walk-through like a miniature door which can be shut afterward to prevent the water from going out. These shapes particularly are designed for seniors and for comfort, the tub could be designed in a seating position thereby making it very comfortable, whatever style a tub is designed into will directly affect the cost because it addresses a particular need.

Material Quality: This is a very important factor to the cost of a walk-in bathtub as most bathtubs are made with of regular porcelain, acrylic, iron cast, cultured marble, stone & wood and so much more. The quality and prices of the material vary and some are very much expensive when compared to others. Materials like stone and wood are custom-made on most orders, making them one of the most expensive choice.

Brand: Walk-in Bathtubs; in general are branded with different names from their manufacturers but there are some tubs that are specially designed by a brand and they are known for making such. For example, some therapeutic medical centers design their bathtubs to meet the needs of their clientele. These bathtub makers are not generally the big brands but they are custom designers of bathtubs.

Features: To get an ordinary bathtub is not a big deal but when you check into the store, you will find several options as most walk-in bathtubs are no longer ordinary but now have extra features. Some of the features could be quite luxurious and some are basic. Some have safe walk-in step and when compared with the traditional walking, are considered safer even as this will undoubtedly come with an additional cost.

The average prices of Walk-in Bathtubs in New York can start from around $500 to $5,000 and above depending on the factors above.

In London, the average cost could range between £100 all the way to £1,295.00 depending on your request.