How much does a cast iron bathtub weigh

How much does a cast iron bathtub weigh

There is an advantage of having the best cast iron bathtubs in your bathroom, and aside from style, it is durability. Cast iron bathtubs are usually the most long-lasting, however they cost a tad bit more compared to other materials. Cast iron is strong stuff itself, and it resists dents and chips.

The stuff is heavy, unfortunately (cast iron bathtubs could possibly weigh 250 to 500 pounds), plus your bathroom floor should be strengthened. There might be many choices when it comes to choosing the best bathtubs for your home. But you will need extra care when choosing cast iron ones. Cast iron clawfoot bathtubs are renowned with regard to both their appeal and long life. They are extremely resistant to scratching, and their remarkable strength means that you could frequently discover antique cast iron bathtubs in superb condition.

Cast iron bathtubs are created to hold on to the water heat due to the heavy duty cast iron utilized during production. This makes these types of bathtubs a true money saver in terms of water costs, and electric or gas bills. The best aspect with regards to cast iron bathtubs is they are able to be freestanding making a more vibrant and intriguing bathroom.

There are many different designs and varieties of the tubs which include different shapes, sizes and colors, which are designed to meet the requirements for any type or size of the bathroom. The original cast iron tub was the claw foot style of the tub that was not more than five feet in length. However, today, that has all changed, and there is a variety of sizes for the consumer to choose from. There are also a variety of different depths that the consumer can choose from.

Cast iron tubs create a classic look in a bathroom. The tubs provide a romantic feel with an air of simple elegance. The tubs are simple yet refined in appearance and recreate the old time feel with charm and traditional of antique reproduction of all different styles of the cast iron tubs.