How Much Does Shower Mirror Cost on Average

Whether you are renovating your bathroom or just making small additions to it, there is no doubt that your pamper room should be a convenient and personalized space. If you are all about exfoliation or love to shave in the shower, it may be time to start thinking about investing in a shower mirror.

This bathroom add-on comes in extremely handy when you’re running late to work or have a mirror that takes forever to clear the fog. Get a smooth clean shave and forget about the messy cleanup. Even take advantage reducing the pain of tweezing your eyebrows by letting them soak in the hot water of your shower. Warm water also aids in opening up pores for those who are looking to apply facial masks or remove oils or dead skin.

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No matter what you try to do to prevent it, fog always seems to encompass the bathroom mirror. Heaters, fans and even keeping the door open most of the time doesn’t work . Fogless mirrors prevent this from being a problem and come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

Make sure to invest in a mirror that has the proper width so you won’t have to do a lot of adjusting. Also ensure that your shower has plenty of lighting to get the best out of your new mirror. Furthermore it is very important to look for shatter resistant mirrors that also have a warranty on the product. Mirror hangers and suction cups will fall over time, so it is important in choosing a quality product that will last over the long haul.

So here’s the golden question. How much does shower mirror cost? Well, just like many items, the price range varies. Cheap handheld mirrors run around $10 while top-of-the-line products top out around $300. But for those looking for a long lasting quality fogless shower mirror, expect to pay around $30 to $40. Add even more convenience to your specialized mirror by purchasing a model that has razor holders. Make sure to do plenty of research and understand your personal needs when choosing the right shower mirror.