How Much Should You Pay for a Good Bronze Shower Head

A bronze shower head is one of the best shower heads that you can use in your washroom for a more luxurious bathing experience. A bronze shower head can help by saving water, saving energy and giving a royal look to your bathroom. It has the perfect spray area required and perfect water pressure as well.

The price of a bronze shower head can be as low as $25 or as high as $250. The variation in price is due to some factors like the size of the shower head, water pressure and features offered by it. A high quality bronze shower is the one which comes with more features, is manufactured by a well-known brand or has a great finishing.

Because it uses Bronze:

A bronze shower head costs more than a nickel shower of the same model. This is because bronze is costlier than nickel. It has its advantages over nickel which makes it costlier than nickel.

For example, Moen TS3405BN Double Handle Shower Valve Trim with Rainshower Showerhead, Brushed Nickel comes at $519.60 at the famous e-commerce retailer Amazon. The same shower head with a bronze coating $548.23 at the same platform. If you prefer a bronze coating over a nickel one, then this much should be affordable by you.

Dependency of Price on the Dimension:

Kohler K-13694-2BZ 12-Inch Traditional Round Rain Showerhead with Katalyst Spray Technology, Oil Rubbed Bronze costs $843 while the same model with a smaller dimension (Kohler K-13694-2BZ 10-Inch Traditional Round Rain Showerhead with Katalyst Spray Technology, Oil Rubbed Bronze) costs $632. So, if you get a bronze shower head of larger dimension at a greater price then don’t think that it is too much.

How Price Depends on the Flow Rate:

The flow rate of a shower head is an important criteria for deciding whether to buy it. This is a deciding factor for its price as well. For example, the bronze shower head Moen S6320EPORB Velocity 8″ Eco-Performance Two-Function Rainshower Showerhead with Immersion Technology at 2.0 GPM Flow Rate costs $233 while the same shower head with a flow rate of 2.5 GPM costs $320. So, if you prefer a better flow rate, you will have to pay more.


A bronze shower head with dual functionality costs more than that of the same model with single functionality. So, if you prefer multiple functionalities, your budget will increase.

Added Features:

High quality bronze shower heads with amazing features may cost even as high as $650 or $850.

Bronze shower heads up to this range can be considered to be of reasonable. You can buy these showerheads if you have any particular fascination for bronze, the features it has to offer or the rate of flow of water through them. But beyond this range, the price can be considered to be too much for a bronze shower head. However, if you are ready to pay a greater price, you can go ahead and but the showerhead.