How Much Should You Pay for a Good Handheld Shower Head

A hand-held shower is a one which can be used for a more convenient bathing experience. But how much does a hand-held shower cost? What price should you pay for it ideally? Well, the cost depends on the type of hand-held shower you use and also varies from one brand to the other.

The hand-held showers may cost as low as $15 or as even high as $10,000. The cost depends upon the following factors:-

  • Material:- The material used in making hand-held shower has an effect on its price. The ones which are made of plastic and rubber cost lesser than the ones made of steel or nickel.  Walmart sells you the plastic showers at prices as low as $9 or $11.

The same store has stainless steel or nickel- made shower heads from different ranges- as low as $15 or as high as $50.

There are some hand-held showers which are coated with gold plates or silver plates for a royal and classy look. They may also be composed of bronze. Such hand-held showers obviously come at a much higher price than the others. For example, the gold-plated one by the manufacturing brand ConserveCo sold by Walmart costs around $44.

  • Brand:- Different companies charge different prices for their hand-held showers. So, the manufacturer you choose also has an effect on the price. The hand-held showers from top-notch brands may cost you about $2500-$4500.
  • Features:- Hand-held showers often come with some great features. There can be provisions of shifting from one mode to the other such as from a massaging or drizzle mode to a rain drench. The multi-purpose Chrome Seven-mode hand-held shower costs about $25. Again, the Hansgrohe Chroma C triple-mode hand-held shower costs around $58.50. It is surprising that the one with seven features cost far lesser than that with just three features. This is because the two shower-heads are from two different brands.
  • Selling Platform:- A lot depends on where from you buy the hand-held showers. The local stores sell you at a price which is more than the price which you can get for online shopping. The e-commerce sites sell you stuffs at a much lower rate than that available in the market.
  • Discounts and Offers:– There are different discounts and offers going on at different times of the year, such as during special occasions. If you are not in an urgent need of buying shower-heads, you can wait for those seasons.

So, “How much you pay for a good hand-held shower?” is a question whose answer lies on the type of hand-held shower head you choose. It depends on whether you have any fascination for golden or silver outer coating, whether you prefer a particular brand and in how many modes you want your shower to operate.

However, before deciding your budget also consider the fact that the cheaper shower-heads of poorer quality may require frequent repairs and drain a huge amount of money from you in due course. It would be a wise decision to install more at the beginning so that you don’t have to spend money on repair and replacement later on.