How to Buy Good Shower Heads That Actually Work With Your Bathroom

There is a variety of shower-heads available to be used in your wash-room starting from the hand-held shower heads to the water-fall showerheads. Choosing the right one that will suit your purpose is really difficult. There are a lot of models of different brands available in the market to confuse you. So how to select the right shower-head that will actually work in your bath-room?

Here are a few tips for you to find the shower-head that will actually work in your bath-room:-

  • Know the water force:- The force of water flow varies from place to place and also from one floor to the other of a building. Generally, the water pressure decreases with the increase in height. The lower floors of any building enjoy more force than the higher ones.

You should choose your shower-head depending on this, since different shower-heads require different force of water flow in order to operate. For example, LED shower-heads require greater water force since the water force generates power to glow the LEDs.

Similarly, water-fall shower-heads also require huge water pressure since in waterfall shower-heads, the water does not flow through tiny nozzles but torrentially.  If anyone buys a LED shower head or water-fall shower head for an apartment with a lower water pressure, there’s no guarantee that it would actually work.

It is better for them to choose the hand-held shower-heads or other regular shower-heads that require lesser force.

  • Brand:– The brand value of a shower-head is an important criteria for deciding whether they would actually work. Generally, the shower-heads from popular brands are likely to fulfill the promises made by the manufacturers and work well for your wash-room.
  • Replacement or Repair Facilities:- Check the warranty period that the company offers you so that if there are any damages caused within that time duration you can always contact the company to offer you free replacement or send service-men to your home to repair it. A longer warranty period is what is normally preferred by the buyers.

However, after the warranty period is over, the company will charge you for replacement and repair. If you appoint a plumber, he will also charge you a lot. So, the shower head which you choose should be easily repairable so that you can do it yourself as and when required. Its replacement parts should be affordable and available in your nearest stores so that whenever you require a replacement you can easily go for it.

  • Reviews:- Reviews are one of the best methods to find out whether the shower-head that you choose to buy is worth it. There are different review sites that publish shower-head reviews from where you can get to know about the pros and cons of the shower-heads you have shortlisted. You can decide which factors you are ready to compromise with and what is exactly suitable for your bath-room. Reviews will help you take the final decision with respect to which shower head you must buy.
  • Customer Feedback:– Today’s digital world helps you to get feedbacks from other customers who have bought and used the product. From these feedbacks, you can become sure of the practicality of functioning of the shower-heads.