How to Buy Good Shower Panels: a Handy Guide

If you want to make your bathroom a more attractive and functional place to be, you may want to consider purchasing shower panels. Showers panels are ultra-modern and they feature shower heads, taps and an array of sprayers. All of these elements are built into the panel itself, so these panels are extremely practical. As well, they look wonderful, so they add a lot of style and elegance to homes.

If you’re interested in learning more, you’ll benefit from our handy guide. We’re going to show you how to shop for good shower panels.

Choose a Material – Shower panels come in an array of sizes, from a variety of manufacturers. In order to start comparison-shopping, it’s wise to decide on a preferred material. Common materials for shower panels include tempered glass, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. All of these materials are strong and all offer visual impact.

Whether you want the sleek beauty of glass, the modern edge of stainless steel or the lightweight and easy care features of aluminum alloy, you’ll find that making a decision early on helps you to streamline the comparison-shopping process.

If you’re on the fence, check out photos of bathrooms with shower panels online. These photos will show off an array of looks and they will probably inspire you by showing you just how gorgeous shower panels can look. They’ll also point you towards the right material.

Consider Bathroom Décor – Your new bathroom shower panels will definitely enhance the look of your bathroom. These types of panels are the preferred choices of discerning homeowners. They are also popular choices in the ritziest and trendiest hotels and resorts.

When checking out shower panels online, don’t lose sight of your overall design vision for your bathroom. You should find good shower panels which suit the décor theme to perfection. Whether you want a darker space that is intimate or a light, airy feel, you should be able to find high-quality shower panels which are a perfect match.

Think about Features – Most people select shower panels because they look dazzling and add an elite vibe to bathrooms. However, all shower panels are not the same and this is why you’ll need to think about which features you want. For example, how many spray heads are you looking for?

Many panels offer a plethora of shower spray choices, from waterfall effects to massage effects and beyond. You’ll have lots of options, so you shouldn’t settle for a shower panel that doesn’t have enough features. Instead, hold out for a design with all of the bells and whistles.

Take Some Measurements– In order to find a design which is a perfect fit, you should take careful measurements. It’s wise to do this before you start shopping around for shower panels online. First, measure the dimensions of your shower wall and then compare the dimensions to the dimensions of shower panels which are sold online (or offline). Perfect fit is vital. However, these panels come in tons of sizes, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding something which is an ideal size.

We do recommend taking measurements early on, as it’s easier to comparison-shop with measurements at the ready. You may even add measurements to a Google search for “shower panels” in order to access targeted results, right from the very start.

Check Out Customer Reviews – In the Internet Age, finding out what customers have to say about particular shower panels is just so easy! Adding the word, review, to a Google search for a specific model should bring up tons of valuable feedback. Seeing what actual customers have to say about certain models will be so helpful. You’ll gain insight into how a particular shower panel performs (and looks) once it’s installed.

Look for a product which earns rave reviews from lots of owners, rather than just a handful. A ton of great reviews are a signal that a shower panel is a true winner!

Research Shower Panel Brands – As well as checking out reviews of a specific model of shower panel that you’re interested in, you should think about which brand is best. It’s pretty easy to research brand history and brand reputation online. Some companies have decades of experience creating shower fixtures, panels, etc.

Other companies are newer or lesser-known. Companies which have great reputations should earn accolades online and they should have websites which are official and loaded with important information about their companies and their product lines.

When you find a shower panel that you like from a trusted manufacturer, you’ll feel more comfortable about buying it. Also, some brands are “status” brands and buying a panel from one of these types of manufacturers may make you feel good, as you’ll know that you’re buying the best.

Find a New Shower Panel Today

Hopefully, this guide has given you the direction and help that you need. It is possible to do a lot of research and homework online, before you buy, and we recommend this sort of “due diligence” as some shower panels are definitely investments. These are high-end designs!

Although you should be able to find great deals on shower panels via the World Wide Web, it’s important to spend some time finding a design which is exactly right. It’s wise to pay more for quality from a trusted manufacturer. You’ll want a shower panel which looks amazing and performs beautifully for years to come.

As well, consider warranty before you buy. You deserve a strong and long warranty and many manufacturers will be happy to provide this to you. However, other manufacturers may not back up their shower panels with very strong warranties. In general, you should be able to find warranty information via the product details sections at websites. It may also be included in the product descriptions.

Now that you know how to shop, why not get started today? Once you’ve received your new shower panel, we recommend professional installation. While you may be very handy, it’s wise to have this type of panel installed by an expert.