How to Clean a Shower Head?

Most of the complaints regarding shower heads come on the issue of its cleanliness.

The shower heads might be clogged due to the dirt it filters and sometimes it even has woeful layer of unpleasant grime.

Because of this, some will just end up throwing these heads and just buy new ones.

They then spend their money on this head without realizing that they can still bring back the old head into its top condition with just few steps.

This is one of the methods you can use in cleaning the shower head:

1) Detach the shower head: Remove the shower head with the use of monkey wrench, then the shower head that is hand held. Be careful while removing as water might run out from the pipe.

2) Place the head in the thick into stove top. Be sure the head will be submerged.

3) Pour white vinegar in the pot; fill it so the head will be fully submerged into it. But make sure that it will float and will not touch the pot’s bottom.

4) Turn on the stove and simmer the vinegar moderately.

Don’t make it boil.

Pay attention on it and don’t leave it unattended.

Make sure that the vinegar will not get too hot. Just leave the shower head in the pot until the muck and scale attached on it was removed. The thicker the scale, the longer it will be submerged in the vinegar.

5) When the lime scale has been removed from the shower head, you can now remove it from the vinegar. Any leftover stains can be now removed with the use of tooth brush. You can use gloves for protection.

6) Afterwards rinse the head with water then you can now reattached it again. Run water into the head first so to assure that all contamination was now removed.

To keep your shower head in good condition, it is recommended that you install shower head filter. It will prevent any unnecessary dirt and bacteria from building up in the shower head.