How to Clean Shower Wall Panels By Yourself

Shower wall panels not only make your bathroom look stylish and elegant they are one of the most suitable options for a hygienic bathroom. Shower panels are smooth hence extremely easy to clean yet they are hypo-allergenic. Nonetheless, it is important to know how to clean the panels to ensure all germs and dirt is eliminated leaving you with a stunning and germ-free bathroom. It is important to clean the panels regularly to prevent accumulation of dirt and germs. Failure to wipe the shower panels can result in buildup of dirt and soap scum.

How to Clean Shower Wall Panels

You will need mild abrasive cleaner, wash cloth, protective mask, vinegar or ammonia and spray bottle

Ventilate Your Bathroom– Start by ventilating the entire bathroom. Open all doors, windows for adequate airflow into the bathroom area. Turn on the bathroom ventilation. It is important to keep the entire bathroom ventilated since the atmospheric conditions of the bathroom may affect the cleanliness of the panels. Keeping the bathroom ventilated prevents the growth of mildew. Turn on the bathroom fan after showering and keep the lights on.

Wear protective gear– Proceed to put on your protective gear including rubber gloves as well as a protective mask to protect your lungs from complications caused by abrasive cleaners.

Apply the cleaner– Apply your mild abrasive cleaner on the shower panels. These cleaners are usually in powdered and liquid forms. If you are using the powder form, first wet the cloth then pour the powder on the wet piece of cloth before wiping the panels. In the case of a liquid cleaner, spray adequate amount of the cleaning product on the panels. Leave the cleaner for about fifteen minutes before wiping it. Mix one part of ammonia with two parts of water and put it in a spray bottle. Apply the solution n the shower panels then wipe it using a soft cloth. Ammonia is a strong cleaning agent that will leave the panels shiny. You can also use dish soap to rub the panels then proceed to rinse and dry them.

Scrub the panels– Continue to use a cloth to scrub the shower panels ensuring the cleaner reaches all parts of the panels. Shower panels may have hard stains if not cleaned for a while. Scrub stained parts of the panels. Do not use abrasive products to clean as these may destroy your panels. Proceed to rinse with warm water.

Remove smell– Apply vinegar to a washcloth and then wipe the panels using the vinegar-soaked cloth. Vinegar eliminates all smells leaving your bathroom fresh.