How to clean terrazzo shower base the right way

How to clean terrazzo shower base the right way

Terrazzo shower base gives a beautiful look to any home. They’re produced using marble chips mixed into a cement or resin base. While solid and simple to look after, terrazzo tile floors can stain over the long haul even with routine cleaning. Like another flooring, be that as it may, terrazzo floors are helpless to stains, including marks from shoes, liquid spills, grease, and grime.

Utilize a cleaner that will expel the stain from your terrazzo floor without deserting a residue or cloudy film. Profound clean your terrazzo tile floor with commercial terrazzo cleaner to keep drawing from alkaline or acidic cleaners. Deep clean your terrazzo shower base twice per year, sweep them every day and mop them week after week to keep them looking great.

Sweep the base thoroughly, beginning at one corner of the room and working your way over. Utilize a dustpan to gather the dirt and debris and discard it.

Fill two buckets with 1 gallon of warm water each. Include 1/2 measure of terrazzo floor cleaner to one of the buckets. Put on elastic gloves.

Smear the stain – blood, pee, pet excrement or another stain – on your terrazzo shower base with the hydrogen peroxide-doused material or cloth. Re-dip the fabric or cloth in the peroxide as required.

Use 3 tablespoons of ammonia to the clean, nonabrasive fabric or cloth. Place the material or cloth over the territory where the stain was. Give the fabric or cloth a chance to sit in the zone until the ammonia evaporates.

Dip a scrub brush into the bucket of cleaning solution and scrub the floor utilizing a round movement. Work in little areas, flushing the scrub brush frequently in the clear water as you work your way over the base. Wipe the edges with a material dipped into the cleaning solution. If you have an electric floor scrubber, you can utilize this rather than manually scrubbing the floor.