How to Find Shower Filters That Actually Work

how to find shower filters that work

Shower water filters help you to purify the water used for cleansing yourself in a hygienic manner.

Not only do they save you from disease-causing bacteria and other micro-organisms but also protect your skin and hair from the ill-effects of chlorine.  So, it is essential to use a shower-filter to prevent harmful diseases and also to prevent your skin and hair from getting dry and life-less.

But how to find actually useful shower filters that work well?

You are not the only one who gets puzzled searching for a good-quality shower filter. Most of them come with advanced features and quality manufacturing materials. But, it is not easy to understand whether all of them work well. Here are five tips to identify which shower filters will be good and will actually work:-

  • Unique Two-Stage Filter Process:- Some filters come with unique two-stage filter process. The presence of two-step filter is one of the ways in which you can identify the filter to be properly functional. The two-stage filters help in removing chlorine and increasing the pH of water using KDF-55 in the first stage and removing the synthetic chemicals, THFs, VOCs that are absorbed inside your body producing harmful effects in the second stage. The use of a complementary filtering media along with KDF makes the filter super powerful.
  • Durability:– The more durable filter will definitely be of a better quality. The durability of filter is one of the important qualities of judging it. So, while choosing your shower filter have a look at the warranty period they offer and ask the manufacturers or dealers how long it is expected to last.
  • Availability and Cost of Parts:- The filter which you buy should be easily repairable. Its replacement parts should be easily available in the market at an affordable price. This is because you might need to repair your filter at any point of time. The warranty period may have been over and you may not feel like buying a new filter all over again. So, you might need to replace the parts on your own.
  • Reputation and Reviews:- This is the best way to find out whether a shower filter actually works or not. There are some review sites where you can find the reviews of the shower filters along with their pros and cons. This will help you to decide whether the filter is worth buying.
  • Customer Feedback:– Customer feedback is something people depend on while buying things these days. You can find the feedbacks related to the filters in sites selling them and also in some other sites. These are really useful since they are experiences shared by people who have actually used them.

The above tips will help you to find the right shower filter for yourself that will provide you guaranteed service. So, next time you go to buy a shower filter, instead of going by the branding, go by these tips.