How to get rid of calcium deposits in toilet bowl

Here is a guide on how to get rid of calcium deposits in toilet bowl:

1. Identify where the calcium deposit is stuck before you pouring water on it. You should ensure that you have all the necessary tools to use when you want clean it. Some of the plunger, a spray bottle, distilled white vinegar, toilet brush that has stiff nylon bristles, baking soda, rubber gloves and pumice stone.

2. You can start by filling a spray bottle using distilled white vinegar. In addition, spray the calcification substantially. Let the vinegar sit on the deposits for 60 minutes. This will enable the vinegar to dissolve the stains on it thus making the process of cleaning easy.

3. Using a stiff-bristled nylon toilet brush, you can scrub the calcification or calcium that are deposited on the toilet. You should ensure that you do scrub well to remove all the deposits by turning water to toilet back on. You can flush the toilet as a way of rinsing away the vinegar. You should ensure that you do it correctly if you want it to work perfectly well for you. In any case scrubbing does not remove all calcification deposited on the toilet, you can scrub off with force as much as possible before rinsing your brush.

4. You might also pour baking soda to the toilet brush. You should scrub the calcification using baking soda. In any case, it removes these deposits; you can flush away all residues when using it.

5. During the process of scrubbing, you should ensure that you rubber gloves as a way of protecting your hands. In addition, you can use pumice stones to rub manually the calcification off the toilet surfaces. When you do it repeatedly, you can always be sure that you would get the best results.