How to install a cast iron bathtub

cast iron bathtub

Cast iron bathtubs are robust and utilize the space in the bathroom efficiently. In case you’re unsure about what product to pick up, read these best cast iron bathtub reviews first. Most of them are basically covered with the walls from the 3 sides. It is easier to install cast iron bath tub as compared with island style bathtub.

Different manufacturers have different shape and sizes so need to read about the dimensions carefully as it should fit in the wall properly. The steps to be taken to install is as below

Step 1: Need to measure the mark the location of the bath tub, so that it fits correctly in the space. Now after marking need to push the bathtub in the marked area.

Step 2: Next step is to connect the drainage pipe and the water supply pipe. Do the fitting when it is dry. Need to put the ring of the plumber’s putty around the drainage flange. Put the drainage pipe in the shoe properly and as mentioned in the manufacturer’s booklet or specifications. And if you’ve spent enough money to bring home the best bathtubs possible, do this step with extra care.

Step 3: Need to put the stopper carefully to avoid any leakages in future. Chain route is supposed to be from the bathtub to the stopper which is next to bracket. Then we need to secure the stopper in the right place.

Step 4: Next step to fit the nail in the wall properly so that the bathtub is kept properly in a strong manner. Need to make sure the bathtub is leveled properly to avoid the water blogging in future. It will also give the bathtub the security and the robustness for the longevity of the bathtub’s life. Now finishing off the surrounding walls is required.

Step 5: Last step of the bathtub fitting is to recheck the stopper as it is connected properly or not As it will block the water from draining if not connected properly.