How to Install Shower Panels Properly

The installation of shower panels is a very easy procedure. You are required to follow this procedure to the later.

1. The first step involves the fitting of an internal corner contour to the corner with some screws or fixings. These fixings can be purchased from your local stores at a very low price. After fitting them you are supposed to check and confirm that all the heads are well fixed and that will prevent them from fouling when fitting the panel itself.

2. You should then get rid of the film from the panel’s face and after that check for any possible defects before you cutting it into size.

3. After that, the next step is applying a small bead of sealant material on one side of the internal corner profile. This sealant should be applied carefully to ensure that it covers the bottom of the channel up to a height of at least two millimeters.

4. The next step involves, fitting the shower panels while ensuring that a good gap is created between the shower tray and the bottom of the panels. The gap should have a measurement of about three to four millimeters. After that the gap should be filled with the sealant and later cleaned with the front sides of the panels. Often, the specifications for this step vary depending on the manufacturer of the panels.

5. If you are using end-cap profiles, they should be tailored to the outer edges of the panels in this step.

6. After the fitting, apply a good amount of paste to the panels and ensure that you fit them into pace while making sure that the edges are inserted into the interior corner. With that completed, you are now looking at your new shower panels that are sealed excellently.

7. After you complete the above steps for the first shower panel, you can go ahead and follow the same procedures for the other panels.