How to Install Shower Speakers By Yourself

Who doesn’t love a shower? The only thing that could make it more enjoyable is having music play for you to sing along to. Luckily the universe cottoned onto this and voila, shower speakers were invented. Here is an easy guide on how to install them into your shower. Don’t worry; it’s not difficult at all!

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The best place for your shower speakers and where you will get the best sound is to install them at the same height as your head. You can also place them higher or lower if you wish, just be sure not to place them above the shower head itself as the steam could cause damage and could possibly be hazardous.

Now onto the actual installation. You will need to drill a hole in the shower wall so that you can feed the cable through it, just be careful not to crack a tile as it is quite easy to do. Just a tip, the thicker the cable for your speakers, the longer it will last. Most marine or shower speakers the cables are protected to withstand water and are completely safe for you to use in the shower without risk.

It isn’t difficult to mount your speakers at all. Most see s of speakers come with brackets that you attach to the wall. To do this, use a level to make sure that you will be mounting them straight. Take masking tape and make an X over the spot where you are going to drill – this will help prevent the tile from cracking. Once you have hung the brackets, once you have done that you can attach your speakers to the brackets and angle them to your specifications.

And there you go, now you are able to listen to the music of your choice while you shower, just don’t sing too loud!