How to install wonderboard around bathtub

WonderBoard is ideal for wet places like bathroom and especially around your bathtubs. If you’ve spent enough money to bring home only the best tubs on the market, you will want to consider this extra. That is why so many people want to install it, but most of them do not know how to do it. Here, you can find out the whole process.

1. Firstly, measure tub walls and check the width and length. For example, if you have bought home a top rated soaking bathtub and want to install the board around it, this step is important. Take panels in full size and use them as much as possible. After that, take a carbide-tipped knife and score panels’ face, turn it to the other side and snap it. Separate all pieces.

2. Make a pattern of the shower head, spout and valve. Mark locations on WonderBoard and cut the openings with jigsaw. If you do not have a jigsaw, use carbide-tipped saw. The effect will be the same.

3. Plain down any high spots that seem to be uneven before attaching the WonderBoard. Put blocking for grab bars that will be in place. This is very important because you secure future position in a useful manner.

4. Now, it is the time to put WonderBoard on its place. Lift the panel very carefully and place it where the tub area is. Add few shims in order to make a gap that is separating the board from the bathtub. Make sure that shims are at least 1/4-inch in size.

5. Use galvanized screws for the next step. Panels should be attached to the wall with these screws and it is important not to use fasteners, because they are not strong enough.

6. Cut panels after measuring and apply them. Seams should be sealed now. Use fiberglass tape and cut it on suitable pieces. Seal panels’ seams carefully.

7. At the end, take a trowel and apply mortar for additional sealing. It will protect the board lines. The best finish will be applying of silicone at the places between the tub’s surface and WonderBoard.

As you see, it is a job that requires only a small effort. You can be as skilled as professionals when it comes to installing of WonderBoard.