How to Keep Your Low Flow Shower Head in Good Condition Over Time

Maintaining a low flow shower head is very easy. Most of the times when the low flow shower head is not performing as it should it’s as a result of the minerals that deposit on it. The minerals are present in the water flowing through the shower head.  For you to know that your low flow shower head is not functioning, it will start squirting water in all directions instead of it concentrating it on one direction. There times the shower head is clogged up completely to mean very little to no water is flowing through. The following are simple procedures on how to clean your low flow shower head so that you keep maintaining it in good condition.

Gently rub the nozzle

Most low flow shower heads are made of rubber, plastic or metal. To remove the material that are accumulating on the nozzle all you have to do is rub it off gently.  You can use an old tooth brush that you do not use to brush of the dirt. This will unclog the nozzle and help you low flow shower head to maintain its performance.

Soak the shower head in vinegar

When using vinegar to dislodge the minerals that are on the shower head there are two method of doing this. The first method is where if your hose is permanently fixed to the shower you can place a plastic bag which contains vinegar around the shower head. Fasten the plastic bag using tape or a rubber band. Leave the plastic bag for few hours and remove it. Open the tap and let water run through the shower head to rinse off the vinegar.

The second way is removing the shower head from the hose. When you are done you soak the shower head in a bowl that is full of the white vinegar. Leave the shower head in the vinegar for few hours. Then take the shower head and run it through water to rinse off the vinegar and re-attach it to the hose.

Clean the filter screen

The filter screen is the one responsible in filtering water that is flowing through the shower head. The filter screen is connects the low flow shower head with the hose. For you to remove the shower head filter screen you can use tweezers.  There are various shower head filters screen and they are made of different materials.  Most of the shower head filter screenscome with a manual on how it should be cleaned to remove residuals and minerals such as chlorine.

If you do not have the manual for various reasons you can call the manufacturer to enquire from them. This is because there some of the shower head filter screens are very delicate and wrong treatment may make it not to function well. Though most of the shower head filters that are made of metal such as Brass they can be cleaned by gently brushing it using toothbrush.