how to make an l shaped shower curtain rod

Do you feel like it is the right time to replace your basic shower curtain rod or you just cannot find one to suit your preferences in the stores? It is possible to make your own curtain rod using materials that are comparatively cheap and readily available. So, how do you make an I-shaped shower curtain rod?

What You Will Need

1. Two floor flanges — preferably the A inch galvanized flanges

2. A piece of pipe in the dimensions you prefer

3. Screws — to mount the rod

4. Spray paint — the paint should be of your preferred color.

The Procedure

To begin with, you should have the pipe cut and threaded on both ends to fit into the floor flanges. You should then remove stickers from the pipe, if it has any, and clean the pipe thoroughly. You should then paint the two floor flanges, the screws and the pipe. Allow enough time for the paint to dry before piecing everything together (24 hours should be enough).

Once the paint is dry, determine where you would like to hang the shower curtain rod. Hold one of the floor flanges against the wall, on one end of the predetermined curtain position, and mark the positions of the screw holes. Now you should drill pilot holes on the marked positions. Repeat the same marking and drilling procedure for the other end wall using the other floor flange.

You should then assemble the shower curtain rod by twisting the flanges on either sides of the pipe. You should then have someone hold the I-shaped curtain rod you have created up as you screw the flanges at its end to the drilled pilot holes. Since the DIY rod will probably be heavy, you should screw the flanges into a stud.
Once through, you can mount your shower curtain onto the I-shaped rod and admire at your own creation.