How to Make Your Shower Head Go Faster, or Have Better Water Pressure?


Shower heads are very important in taking a bath, especially in moments that you are on the rush for office, school, or gatherings.

Increasing the water pressure on the shower head can be a hard and daunting task.

There are lots of possible reasons that cause poor water pressure.

Surprisingly, there are some simple remedies that you can perform in making the shower head go faster or have a better water pressure.

Here are the possible ways that you can take without taking the service of an expert that will let you cost big amount of money.

  • Determine the root cause of the problem. Typically, the low water pressure on the shower head might be a result of poor house plumbing. Check the plumbing system for more convenience.
  • See to it that the pipes are accurate in diameter. The modern infrastructures and building codes requires that the standard pipes must be no wider than 1.27 cm or ½ inch. If your house predates the modern standards, you may have an outdated plumbing system. It can be easily resolved through the installation of pipe reduction tools that is available at any supply store for plumbing.
  • Examine the quality of the pipes. Sometimes, the problem for poor water pressure is the rust or corrosion that can clog pipes. The common solution for this is to replace the pipe that is already worn.
  • If the pipes are not the problem you may check the faucet aerator. You need to unscrew the aerator using a pliers. Clean every pieces and reinstall it again. You may check the water pressure again until the right amount of water is achieved.
  • After theses method, you may now enjoy the fast flowing water on the shower head and have the satisfying amount of water pressure to make yourself thoroughly clean.

Follow the instructions above and I’m sure you can have a much better shower!