How to paint a plastic bathtub

plastic bathtubs

Here is a guide on how to paint a plastic bathtub. If you’re thinking about buying the best baby bathtubs for your child and want to paint them, you should consider the steps below.

Step 1

Before you start to paint your plastic bathtub, you should ensure you clean it well to remove all mildew, soap residue and other buildup. You can use a cleaner such as a sponge to scrub the surface well to enable you have an easy time when cleaning in the future.

Step 2

Rinse out your plastic bathtub to remove the cleaner. You also let the tub to dry completely. It is advisable to use a towel to speed up the process of drying it. This will save you more time thus enabling you to paint it well. This step can be applied to other types of bathtubs as well.

Step 3

Sand the whole surface of the plastics bathtub with the sandpaper that will be used in refinishing kit. In addition, this will make the rough surface to look better when painting it. You should ensure that you check the surface to make sure that you did not miss any spot.

Step 4

Roll on your bonding agent over the flat surfaces of your bathtub, and by using paintbrush get into corners as well as shelf areas. You should let the bonding agent to dry before proceeding. The process may take several hours. It is important that you follow package instructions. During the process, paint on the primer coat immediately after the bond dries before waiting for it to dry.

Step 5

Paint on the first inner coat of the tub paint right from the kit. It kit comes with two unique coatings. Let it to dry based on the kit’s recommendations. Do a second coat painting if you need the best results. This sealant coat gives surface a shine at the same time creating a waterproof barrier. Finally, you should let it dry for the commended duration of time as well to get your desired look.