How To Remove a Towel Bar With No Visible Screws

  1. Twist the Ends Holding the Bar

The ends attached to the wall are made up of a few parts. The receiver ends (part that holds the bar) should be a separate part than the part connected to the wall. Slowly turn the receiver end upwards. Once it has turned halfway the bar should pop out (Tired of those old towel bars? Check these out).

However, if the receiver ends do not unscrew skip to step 5.

  1. Remove the Bar

Once the bar pops out remove it.

  1. Remove the Ends

Continue to unscrew the receiver ends. This shouldn’t be difficult to do, as they are not permanently attached to the part connected to the wall. There is a screw/bulb holding them in place.

  1. Remove the Parts Attached to the Wall 

This part could be tricky if the parts have been partially glued or painted on. It might take some strength, but keep twisting until it comes off.

However, if twisting isn’t working at all, stop and try step 5. You don’t want to damage the wall.

  1. Use a Flat Tool

Unfortunately, some towel bars don’t come apart that easily. If the wall mount is one piece, you will probably have to use a tool with a flat edge to get underneath the part to disconnect it from the wall mount

More than likely if it’s one piece, there’s a clip-like mechanism holding it onto the wall. Take your tool, and place it at the bottom of the part- preferably behind the part if you can. Then push upwards. Again this might take some strength, but it should come off.

  1. Remove the Wall Mounts

This should be the easiest part, as they are actually screwed into the wall. Unscrew the screws, and take the part off the wall.

If the steps is followed well,the process should be one easy task for anyone involved.