How to replace a fiberglass tub shower unit

How to replace a fiberglass tub shower unit

Replacing a fiberglass tub with your brand new tub doesn’t require a professional if you have the right tools for the job. All of the stuff you need can be found in your local hardware store. The most difficult thing of all is to decide on which bathtub to buy. And for that reason, I’ve compiled my reviews of the best bathtubs for you here. You can take a look at them.

The first step is to cut off the water supply to the bathroom in order to prevent accidental flooding. If you cannot find the appropriate valve in the bathroom, turn off the water at the main supply.

Next, make sure to remove the tub drain (use a tub drain remover tool), overflow trim, spout, faucet trim, and shower head. Most of these can be done using a screwdriver.

Once you have those fixtures removed, you can now cut up the fiberglass surround, using a reciprocating saw. Start from the top of each corner, working downwards. After cutting, the remove the surround from the wall, taking extra care while doing so to avoid getting cut from the sharp edges.

Now you are ready to install your new tub and shower. And by the way, is it a brand new cast iron bathtub? Did you choose it after reading my cast iron bathtub reviews? First, make sure that you have the proper wooden support for the new tub. The support should also have provisions for your plumbing to fit.

Next, attach the drain pipe. Install the drain fixture by placing the black rubber gasket at the back, while applying putty to the lower part of the strainer. Screw the strainer into the drainpipe and remove the excess putty that oozes out.

After that, install the trip lever and the overflow trim, screwing them in place. Set the tub in place against the wooden support. Drill holes in the flange and fasten to the wood using screws to hold the tub in place. This is even more easier if the tub you’re installing is an acrylic bathtub. Read my reviews of the best acrylic tubs here.

For the surround, first place some silicone caulk around the top side of the tub before setting it down. Once it is set, secure it to the wooden support using screws.

Finally, install the spout, faucet trim, and shower head. Connect the water lines and test.