How to Use Bidet Toilet Seats

Here are the Steps on How To Use Bidet Toilet Seats

Step 1: First Use The Toilet

The purpose up of the bidet is to help you clean up after toilet use, so you are supposed to use the toilet before the can either use the bidet with toilet paper or without. Using of the bidet is believed to be more hygienic compared to the use of toilet paper, but many choose to use both.

Step 2: Find The Bidet

You do not need to stand up to straddle another fixture since modern bidets are located in the toilet seats. There two types of bidets: standalone fixtures and add-on toilet seat bidets.

Standalone has separate fixtures close to the toilet, so you have to use the toilet then stand to clean up.For the add–on fixtures, bidets are fitted to the toilet seat so you can quickly clean up after using the toilet without standing.

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Step 3: Straddle Or Sit On The Bidet

While using standalone, you can choose to face the controls of water or face away from them. When facing the bidets turning the jets on and adjusting water temperatures become easier.

So that you can straddle the bidet appropriately, you will need to remove the pants. For you to determine the correct position for straddle or sitting you need to check the type bidet being used.

Step 4: Activate A Toilet Seat Bidet

Find the “wash” button on the remote control of the bidet, which you will mostly find on the wall next to the toilet. The button may also be fitted to the toilet. A nozzle will come out below you, rinse and after you are done press “stop” and the vent will pull back to the toilet seat

Step 5: Make Adjustments To The Water Temperature

Adjust the strength of the jets and the temperature of the water until you are comfortable. Some bidets provide hot and cold water if this is the bidet you are using begin by turning on the hot water and then activate the cold so as to control the temperature.

Step 6: Position Yourself

Position yourself in a way that water hit the areas you need to clean. Some are designed in a way you can squat or sit. If the bidet does not have water jets, you can rest on the rim of the toilet.

Step 7: Clean Yourself

Wash your genitals with your hands as you do it in the showers using the jets or the water filled in the basin.

Step 8: Dry Off

Dry off your nether region and hands using a towel or toilet paper. You may find a towel hanging next to the bidet for this purpose.