I Have High Water Pressure In My Home – How Does This Affect My Water Heater?

High water pressure in your home could drastically reduce the life of your heater.

High water pressure is a major cause of leaks in tanks and water pipes which puts even more strain on your heater as it is constantly heating water to replace the water lost through the leak.

Leaks may also be caused in fixtures in your home. These leaks may occur intermittently and often at night.

You may hear your toilet continuously running even when not in use. This is all water wasted, water which the heater is working overtime to reheat.

Install a thermal expansion tank within the home system could accommodate the expansion which takes place as new water enters the home’s closed system and is heated.

The heating may cause slight expansion and increase in water pressure. What we need to remember is that water has a huge dynamic fluid mass.

When we turn the water off and on there is a devastating effect on the heater and pipes as well as fixtures. If your water pressure is excessively high, then than dynamic fluid mass is even greater.

Picture a hammer smashing at your heater and pipes ever time you turn the water on. The heater and pipes are bound to wear and become damaged. Pipe joint could suddenly break causing damage to the ceiling or basement and valves could simply give in.

Besides the damage to the heater, water damage is something that cannot be rectified quickly or easily and it usually costs a good few pennies.

Take measures now to combat any water pressure issues to save yourself the added cost of a new water heater as well as pipe replacement and repairs to numerous leaking fixtures in the future.

Remember it may appear a little issue in the short run but is definitely a big financial concern in the long run.