Interesting Technologies Behind Top LED Shower Heads That Everyone Should Know

LED showers are the ones which are fitted with LEDs of different colors and add more fun to your shower-bath. They are loved by kids, especially. They make bathing all the more exciting and colorful and are becoming popular in many house-holds.

Have you ever thought of the technology behind such showers? What makes this divine experience possible? It is a very innovative idea where LEDs are lit up by the pressure of falling water. Let us know more about the interesting technologies involved:-

The basic concept:- The concept of glowing LED in LED- showers is quite simple. They don’t even require batteries to operate! The electricity required is supplied by running water. As we all know, water falling with a great speed from a height generates electric power. The same concept is used for running turbines to produce electricity in hydro-electric power stations. So, in this case, the water coming with a great force from the pipeline helps in generating electricity which in turn glows the LED.

The Turbo Air Boost Technology:- Most of the high-quality LED showers use a technology called the turbo boost technology. Let us make this clearer-

Water, in order to generate electricity, needs to fall with huge pressure. The pressure exerted by water falling from a great height, such as in a water-fall is suitable to run the turbines and generate electricity. But what about the home-showers? Where would they get such huge pressure? This problem is solved by the air boost technology where oxygen is automatically injected into the flowing water.

This is also a water-saving technology. Wondering how? Well, first ask yourself- what kind of shower bath do you prefer? The one where the water comes with a greater force right? In doing so, we often increase the water flow by adjusting the valve. This results in wastage of huge volumes of water. On the contrary, in the air boost technology air is infused into the water channel thereby increasing the pressure and this helps in a greater force without any wastage of water.

The Temperature Sensor:- The LED showers are provided with temperature sensors which help in sensing the temperature of the water and increasing or decreasing accordingly. If the temperature gets too high, it automatically decreases it so that you can enjoy a comfortable bath. On the other hand, if temperature gets too low, it warms up the water.

Programming for Changing of Color:- Most of the LED showers come in a variety of colors which helps in giving you the aesthetic feeling of a tropical rainbow shower. After a scheduled time, the color changes. This changing of color from red to blue and blue to green at regular time intervals is implemented with advanced color changing technology.

The air boost technology, changing color technology and temperature sensing technology make the LED showers thrilling and enchanting. A combination of all these modern technologies makes these showers the favorite of many.