Is It Normal For My Hybrid Water Heater To Blow Cold Air?

Wondering why a water heater blows cold air?

You should stop wondering because it is normal. Let’s understand this with a simple example. Hybrid water heater can be compared to a refrigerator by reversing its functions.

A refrigerator releases heat to the surrounding area in order to provide coldness inside. In the same way, it is quite normal for your water heater to blow cold air in the surroundings through its back covers. It operates by collecting the surrounding air and transferring that heat into the water of the tank.

The water heater manages and determines the amount of cold air required at the time and then heats up your room according to your wish.

All modern HPWH lets you select modes depending on your heat demands. It is quite effective in the summer also. As I set mine to heat the water while using the heat pump 100%, it blows out maximum cold air.

You can change the mode as it gets colder accordingly, so that it works like a usual water heater that does not blow cold air but only uses electric heating coils in order to heat the water.

In this mode, it is silent and there is no dehumidification or cold air. If your water heater is installed in a room that is sealed and packed from all sides and does not allow cold air blow then you can generously change its mode; whereby you will have to set it to normal electric heating mode.

In this case, you will have the least chance to save energy. But if you want to save energy by going back to your first choice, it is ideal to have it installed in a spacious room because your water heater needs air to work thorough whereas if the room is not large enough, you can have doors with vents installed at the top and bottom of it. In this way, your hybrid water heater can perform its best that also by saving energy too.