Is It Safe to Remove the Shower Head Filter Screen?

Are you having trouble with the water pressure of your shower? (If so, you can try these shower heads)

Does the filter screen of the shower head causes low pressure and then when you remove it, causes great pressure?

Do you want to remove it but worried of the damage it may cause?

Will it be safe to remove the shower head filter screen?

The filter screen that you see in the shower head is especially constructed to serve as an aerator that helps in determining the water pressure of the shower.

The level of water pressure you can receive will depend on the PSI you have. The lower the PSI, the lower the pressure of the shower you have. So you need to have the best shower heads out there to resolve this problem.

The effect can be recognized depending on the person that is using it.

If the pressure is already high but the person who is using it want higher pressure, then he will still complain that it has low pressure.

So removing the shower head filter screen will not cause problems as long as you don’t remove the flow regulator.

The screen’s role is also to prevent or remove sediments such as dirt, chlorine and many more that can cause the shower to clog.

Removing the filter screen would not make any difference with removing the shower head. In fact, you also need to clean it to remove the flakes and grains it has filtered to avoid clogging.

If you are worried that you might be exposed to so much dirt, then no need to worry, filter screen it only do filter “some” dirt.

If you still doubt the effect of removing the shower head filter screen, then why to try it to see the result. It will not cause a great disaster as long as you follow a proper procedure in doing the process yourself.