Moen 21005 Refresh 7-Function Handshower and Showerhead Combo Kit Review

ctaBathing with a fulfilling shower experience is both refreshing and energizing.

With Moen 21005, now you can enjoy exactly in such a way.

In this review, I will share about unique features of Moen’s new model, and its great usage after which you would not want to think why you should have it at all.

Here are some of the special features given below that helps you understand its efficacy and high-quality functions.

Shower Nozzles

This head shower has a huge attractive head that is both stylish and fits to the purpose.

It is not a common occasion when you are able to find the best kind of head shower in your bathroom.

Even the one that I had previously with high slogans wasn’t up to the mark.

In a few days, it started showing its failure by blocking the center nozzles and stopping adequate water flow.

But this product seems to have solved all shower problems.

The head showers magnanimity is then able to provide uniformity and regularity to its spray.

The spray works perfectly fine by flowing water from every nozzle of it, making it a total success job.

Water Flow

A further awesome part that anyone would love about this model is the water volume on the rain shower head that is extremely good in its flow.

It has a balanced water flow that is good for both bathing and rinsing well.

The flow is not heavy or stabbing either rather it works moderately.

There is a restrictor ring fixed in the shower that can be removed to increase the water flow.

However, the company does not suggest you to do so as it will decrease the age of your product.

The huge plate-like shower head makes you forget about the handheld which is actually less superior to the main shower.

In narrow setting, it provides 1.95 gallons per minute. But for the wide settings, it is capable of ten percent more.

No Fog/Steam After Bath

Another excellent aspect that I noticed about the product is that it does not steam up my bathroom.

The air does not get damped.

And astonishingly, there was no fog on the mirrors to be seen.

Rather the air remained clear and plain after the bath.

This showerhead shows efficacy at speeding up water flow.

And while doing this, it does not break it apart into a partial haze.


The only drawback that I bumped into was the leakage issue.

I faced this problem even with my previous head shower as well.

Because of which, very soon I realized that it can be fixed by reinstalling it or looking out for minor solutions to fix it right.

There might be some issues of over tightening the nuts or not sealing it well.

However, they can be resolved well in a little time.


With such unique attributes, you would not want to miss trying using one at your home.

Get the product today and feel the difference in your bathing experience!