Moen 21007SRN Vitalize Rain Showerhead Review

ctaHave you ever wished that a showerhead existed that was much more powerful than your own?

And provided you with a showering experience that left you feeling like a new person?

Have you ever wished that the same showerhead resisted fingerprints and stayed spotless?

If either of these things was on your wish list, I highly recommend you look into the Moen 21007SRN showerhead.

And in this review, I will show you why it’s a money worthy product.

Spray Power

One of my favorite things about this product is its very high spray power.

If you have ever taken a shower at a five-star hotel or a holiday resort you would know exactly what it means to take a shower with a powerful showerhead.

The good news is that you may now experience that rejuvenating experience from the comfort of your own shower.

It has more than three times the spray power of the average showerhead!

7-inch Diameter

Another thing I love about this showerhead is the wide area it covers with its exceptional 7-inch diameter.

I simply became flustered with having to constantly rotate my old showerhead because it was not reaching certain areas of my body.

The upgrade to this product has allowed me to experience water being aimed at my entire head rather than at one small area at a time.

This feature along with the high spray power makes taking a shower feel like you are at a spa getting a head massage.

Spot Resist Brush Nickel Finish

Not only does this product provide an enhanced showering experience, it also looks the part.

The very sleek and elegant brush nickel finish is very stylish and easy on the eyes.

I have had this showerhead for a few months already and it still has not lost its shine.

Keep in mind that my shower is being used five or six times daily by me and my family members.

No matter how much wear and tear you put on this showerhead it will not age one bit.

It is spot resistant which means that you no longer have to see fingerprint marks or water spots on its surface.


One minor drawback to this product is the perception that the spray power may be a little too strong.

Some people do not enjoy higher spray powers and prefer the low pressure alternative.

I do not view this as a drawback but rather highly enjoy the spray.

It is invigorating and allows me to start my day with a jolt of energy.

I go into work and notice a surge in productivity simply by using this showerhead every morning.

It has definitely made an improvement to my life.


If you are searching for a simple life hack that will leave a huge impact on your life, go buy the Moen 21007SRN showerhead.

I am overall a happier, more active person because of this product.

I look forward to taking showers every day because of the euphoric feeling my showers now provide me.

Not only that but it also looks very clean and sophisticated.

No other showerhead I have ever used comes close to matching this one.