Moen 21717 Inspire Seven Function Standard Showerhead Review

ctaMoen has always been on the front line in ensuring that customers enjoy quality services from their products.

The Moen 21717 Standard showerhead exhibits a sophisticated design and an extraordinary level of innovation that serves a lifetime.

This exemplary brand bears the real reputation of the Moen series of products and needs a sincere review.

With this Moen 21717 review, you will get to know the real worth packed inside this amazing shower head.

Main Features

The wall mounted brass showerhead has a beautiful chrome finish and gives your bathroom a classic appearance.

The brass material has been designed in a way to offer full shower services for a long time through a reinforced curvature on the sides of the shower head.

A strong water flow is a plus that makes this product more effective especially when in a hurry; you spend the least time possible.

Safety is always a priority in Moen products; the smooth lining ensures a safe finish and a touch of beauty to the interior design.

The vibrant brass with a chrome finish provides a strong deposition color that can resist scratches, corrosion, and tarnishing.

Variety of Settings

With lots of shower adjustments and settings for this particular model, you are guaranteed to enjoy all the water flow rates and spray intensity which you can adjust by using the least effort possible.

The Moen 21717 Inspire showerhead is one of the most durable shower heads in the market and this has been achieved through the well-combined sets of meaningful innovation.

The fine sprays are due to its well-sculpted round nozzles that maximize every single drop to your body.

Easy Installation

Moen 21717 standard showerhead provides a friendly-user interface and you don’t need an expert to fix it for you.

With the least skills possible you are set to enjoy your shower without any difficulty.

Moen products have been in the market for a long time and have fully embraced their rightful standards.


In terms of water conservation, the user should be on the lookout.

With many nozzles, this product serves to optimize the water coverage to provide the fastest service possible.

It is vital to adjust properly the spray density to an appropriate flow rate to avoid water wastage since this may cost a lot in the long run.

Due to diversity in taste and preference, some may find this shower head, not to their match.

Some may prefer the brushed-nickel type of finish to the shiny chrome and others exactly the opposite.

This is when color and outer appearance is given a priority otherwise this product will competently solve all your bathroom needs.


Don’t miss the sensational bathroom experience guaranteed by this universal shower head.

It is always a perfect accomplishment having this shower head working in your household and it is the best you can have in your shower room.

If you don’t have one, don’t feel sorry for yourself, make an effort and get it today.

Get started and enjoy the timeless experience.