Moen 21999 Single Function 2.5 GPM Chrome Shower Head Review

ctaThe experience of shower is all dependent on the shower head, as lousy shower head can be a struggle but a good rain shower can be a gift.

Sometimes shower is the very first thing which greets you in the morning and a bad shower head can give a very bad start.

This shower head will evoke natural feeling which you get when you take shower in rain.

And in this Moen 21999 review, I will show you why it is one of the finest products available in the market.

What makes it special?

The shower head is known by its throw and the feeling it gives.

This product has features like flat design to make sure the water drops naturally.

The pressure is naturally built up through the efficient design.

This design is simple yet elegant as well as durable.

The simplicity and sophistication is ensured by selecting a style which not very new but is neat in its looks.

The internal system of this shower head is made, using the best as well as latest technology.

Natural feeling

The quality of internal system is maintained such that, every hole is equal.

And it is ensured that same amount of water is expelled by each hole making a synonymous rhythm.

The feeling of soaking in rain water whenever you take shower is ensured by allowing the same pressure, which is of rain.

Raw material making the real magic

This shower is made up of three materials i.e. brass, plastic and metal.

The plastic is used in internal parts, and saves from rust for a long time.

The brass adds to luxury of the shower head, it makes it look like a piece of art which is like a jewel in the bathroom.

It is often said that standard of living can only be judged through bathroom.

Other metals are used in manufacturing to add to durability to the shower head.

Some manageable drawbacks

There are some affordable drawbacks of this product.

The shower because of its shiny look needs constant cleaning.

Leaving it even for one day may result in the rusting and the permanent spots which would make it look bad.

This problem is not a serious problem and can be solved by constant attention.

Another problem with this sleek and modern design is deposition of salts on holes.

This problem will appear after few years of use and will cause the shower to throw water in an uneven way.

As some holes will be partially blocked, this will result in building up pressure on the ones which are fully open and this will disturb the natural rain water like flow.

The even flow also ensure to cover all parts of the body, hence makes shower very enjoyable experience.

This problem can be kept in check by treating the shower with vinegar after some days of use.

This will help the salts to dissolve.


The precision in making this shower head makes it special.

This shower head is available here so don’t miss this valuable chance to make your bathroom most desirable place in your whole home.

This piece of luxury can prove to be an addition which can add lots of relaxation to your stressed life.