Moen 25501SRN Banbury 5-Spray Combo Showerhead Review


A shower which can give you an experience of freshness and cleanliness is a must these days.

And a luxurious shower from that dedicated system can wipe out the tiredness of the day and keep you feeling relaxed.

This is where the Moen 25501SRN works its magic!

This is a combo shower head which can provide you the convenience required for a comfortable shower.

Let’s take a look at some features and benefits of this model in the review below.

Notable Features

This shower head offers two heads for showering.

One which is fixed and the other hand held.

You can get the choice of a rain shower or the normal shower, which ever you prefer.

You are able to control the settings for the spray which depends on what you looking for.

Reasons Why You Will Enjoy This Combo Showerhead

* The hand shower with the long hose can be moved according to the spray required. You are also able to adjust the position of the shower head in this.

* You can use both the shower heads at one time giving you a totally refreshed feeling.

* The design, being elegant and sophisticated works well for all types of bathrooms and gives it a unique look and feel.

* Durability is one factor which can be counted on with this model of the combo shower head.

* With the spot resistant brush nickel as the finish this model does not require much of maintenance. In other words, you can enjoy your shower for a long span of time without the hassle of cleaning this up.

* A combo shower head is able to provide the flow of water, which gives you a shower experience which is considered as fulfilling.

* The hand shower in this combo shower head helps you to shower the parts of your body which are otherwise difficult to reach.

* This model also works ideal for those with any type of disability as using the hand shower is comfortable.

* Finally, we talk about the installation, which is convenient and easy and can be done in a short span of time.

* For a good pressure it is essential to remove the restrictor, green in color, from the showerhead neck. This can give the required pressure for your satisfaction.

* You are able to adjust the flow of water differently in both the shower heads.

Small Drawback to Know About

You might face a small problem with the 3-way diverter.

All you need to do here is to install the rubber washers so that you are satisfied with the product in all ways.

This is no big deal and can be fixed in no time as it does not require any expertise to do so.

You can be ensured with the durability and quality of this product so a totally worthwhile purchase.


Looking for a relaxed feeling after a shower, you can opt for this model which is available online.

Durability and flexibility are two factors you can count on with the combo shower head.

The price being reasonable works out a perfect buy for all those who enjoy their time under a shower.

Get the sublime experience with the Combo Shower head and feel the difference.